Frost offers a water cooler / water dispenser rental and service contract whereby the customer can rent a unit on a monthly basis, in Cape Town, Durban, Gauteng, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth.

Rental contracts are available for 24 months from as little as R 295 per unit per month excluding vat.

Our maintenance team will visit you once a month to maintain the unit and thoroughly rinse all the internal parts of the water purifier.

You benefit from this option by only paying a monthly fee for the unit – there are no upfront payments to be made, and on expiry of the contract, you can upgrade the latest model – free of charge. (Terms and conditions apply)

Frost endeavours to ensure our valued customer of quality, purified drinking water at all times.
To achieve this, our service and maintenance teams will:

RINSE the filters on a monthly basis
ENSURE the water dispenser is in good working order
REPLACE the filters once a year free of charge
RINSE the water dispenser once a month
SANITISE the water dispenser monthly