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  • This 3 in 1 20” Jumbo Big Blue water purification system is installed on the main water supply of the household.
  • Supplies and purifies the household’s water from sediment, rust and chemicals.(Suchas chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals such as copper, lead and gold.)
  • Our state of the art 8kg siliphos filter prevents the formation of scale in valuable pipes,geysers and kettles. Siliphos also has a remarkable anti-corrosive effect.
  • The siliphos filter has been successfully tested in areas where scale formation is very common.
  • Up to 750 000 litres of water can be treated before the siliphos filter needs to ber eplaced. Water with hardness of up to 20dH (+-3602ppmCaCoz) can be safely treated with siliphos to prevent scale.
  • One of the most important benefits of the big blue water descaler and purifier isthat itrequires very little maintenance and maintenance cost is extremely affordable.
  • In areas where the water pressure is less than1½ bar it is advisable that abooster pumpbe installed to ensure better flow.